Golden Halloween Pumpkin Escape Game

Golden Halloween Pumpkin Escape

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The kids in the neighborhood are having a great time trick or treating, but for the adults however, they are normally on their jobs and such, the others are helping their kids on the trick or treating activity, but Lemuel as an adult as well, he is in the forest trying to find something which he just read from an old tome and indeed everything in there is quite legit, well at least some of it. Lemuel was in the search of a thing called the golden pumpkin and according to the lore, it is big enough to set anyone for life that's if they choose the monetary side of the pumpkin, there is also the magical side of it and that is one that nobody should miss or give away.

Lemuel is now in the forest searching for that golden pumpkin without any leads and nowhere to solidly start really, but he has the hopes to find that thing for according to the lore that pumpkin only appears in the eve of Halloween, will you help Lemuel here find that pumpkin around the forest? It is distinct and you can't miss it unless if it's hidden under some magic or something.

Golden Halloween Pumpkin Escape is a brand new point and click item retrieval scary wilderness escape game released by Games 2 Rule.

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