Golden Egg Treasure Escape Game

Golden Egg Treasure Escape

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You stayed in your house all the time ever since Christmas vacation started. You wanted to enjoy your time alone with yourself enjoying all the things you don't normally do. So you took your time to do all the things you wished. However, you felt like you needed to get out. Not to be with other people, but just be alone with nature. You packed some snacks for the trip and started out early. You reached the forest and you instantly felt the cool and fresh breeze. The water in the river was also making such a relaxing sound. You couldn't help but find a place for you to just sit and listen to the sounds of nature. You didn't realize you fell asleep with the calmness surrounding you. There were some noises from somewhere that made you open your eyes.

Upon seeing the surrounding, you immediately had the urge to leave the forest. But then you remembered the details of your dream. There was a golden egg somewhere here and you thought that you should at least try to find it before leaving. It might be worth a lot. Play Golden Egg Treasure Escape outdoor escape game by Games 2 Rule.

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