Golden Dragon Fly Escape Game

Golden Dragon Fly Escape

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Everyone is trying to get their hands on the golden dragonfly and of course it is not easy, for the animal is just one and is hidden somewhere in the vast forest avoiding the grasps of people. The golden dragonfly is starting to get well-known to people, for it is one magical and very unusual thing, rumor has it too that it is actually made of gold! That's why it is so valuable for treasure-hunters and people who aspire to be rich. But even then it is not allowed to be taken out from the forest for the locals knows that if it is removed, then the wilderness will never be the same again.

That's why Rico decided he'll get the golden dragonfly and not to sell it, but to keep it safe from everyone. Escape players, Rico just gave himself a real challenge here, for finding the golden dragonfly hasn't been done yet for a hundred years so, will it be in just under an hour? Seems like an impossible thing to do but there is always a first-time for everything. Escape players, want to join this quest with Rico to find the golden dragonfly? Go ahead then and make this adventure worth it for it could be in your hands now to save the golden insect.

Golden Dragon Fly Escape is the newest point and click animal retrieval escape game from Games 2 Rule.

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