Golden Dragon Escape

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Gloria knows about this golden colored animal in the secluded forest and it’s not just its color that makes it different, for that creature is a pterodactyl-like dragon! Gloria of course keeps this a secret, for people will then come in waves to study the said creature and probably even steal it! More so that the flying creature now have its own eggs and by the looks of those, they are already magnificent. That day, Gloria decided to check this dragon for its welfare and maybe it needs help or anything. Well it does need something and it’s urgent, for now the animal is trapped inside a cage!

Gloria saw this cage and inside it is the golden dragon! Who could have done this? The seclusion of this place had now come to an end, for there are people now trying to capture it and Gloria here is the last help this creature is going to get, it’s a good thing that its eggs are still okay and she only needs to keep it hidden for now. Escape players, Gloria never thought this is going to be an action-packed day, but she is up for this save though for the sake of this golden and one of a kind creature. Okay then, will you help-out on this so that the dragon will have you and Gloria as help?

Golden Dragon Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Golden Dragon Escape


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