Golden Castle Escape Game

Golden Castle Escape

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You always wondered about the truth behind the secret doors of the Golden Castle. Many people talked about the disappearances of many important people there only to be seen somewhere else. This made some people stay away from the castle. However, this rumor only made you want to be inside more. You weren't the type to run away from creepy stuffs. You actually enjoyed the thrill of the unknown. But you wouldn't enjoy scary creatures chasing you around. You told your friend about your desire to enter the structure. Fortunately, your friend worked part time there. He was one of those who do maintenance check. He said he wasn't able to find the hidden doors. But maybe you could. You were more curious than him and more thorough when it came to details. You wondered about how you could get inside. Yet your friend got you covered.

He made you put on his extra uniform so you could easily get inside. But while inside, you would do your own exploration. The Golden Castle looked like an ordinary one and you began wondering about its name. Then your hand pressed something on the wall that revealed the golden part of the castle. Play Gold Castle Escape room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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