Golden Book Escape Game

Golden Book Escape

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You once saw your brother holding a golden book in your library at home. But he immediately placed it back on the shelf the moment he saw you. You were expecting to hear some explanations as to why he kept it. Yet days just passed by without him telling you anything. So you went to your dad and asked him about the golden book. Your father just smiled at you and said you'll know about it soon. Your brother looked a bit annoyed at what your father said but he didn't dare speak. You couldn't keep your curiosity to yourself. So one day, while your father and brother were away, you went to the library. You usually hated being there alone as it was dark in there with all the books. But then you also want to know what's the secret behind the book.

The moment you entered, you could see the faint golden glow. You followed the glow and saw the book. You were hoping to see something majestic inside. Instead, what you saw was a blinding light. You closed your eyes and opened it to see yourself outside. Play Golden Book Escape room escape game by Games 2 Jolly.

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