Gold Treasure House Escape Game

Gold Treasure House Escape

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It's your city's annual treasure hunt. Every mayor always conducts this annual event. The winner usually just gets a cash prize that is lower than the value of the treasure. Then again, no one really complains about it. It's better than not getting anything. This is especially because these treasures have huge historical values. And the government just can't let it be owned by an individual. So they end up just giving monetary rewards. Even so, tons of people are still joining the event. And this year, you are one of them. As you are waiting in line, you think about how this treasure hunt started. Just then, the announcer read out the history of the event just like it does every year. However, this time, you get a better grasp of it. And you understand how all these treasures reached your place.

Just then, the announcer calls each one of you for the start of the hunt. You are only given a map and some clues here and there. So you really need to keep your mind and sense alert to reach the place of the treasure. Then again, you have to get pass through the challenges. Keep on searching for the treasures by playing Gold Treasure House Escape outdoor escape game by Avm Games.

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