Gold Treasure From Cartoon House

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In the city, there is an old place which is said to be housing some serious amount of treasure and only a handful knows about it. It’s not in a bank or in a fort, but is just in a room locked beyond iron bars and what’s keeping it safe mainly is people not knowing about it. That day though, as the last living owner of the treasure for the rest had already passed, Manson tasked his grandson Bobby to finally go and protect that treasure for nobody knows about it anymore except him, the only clue he was given was cartoon house, from there he’ll have to work through it and alone if he wants to succeed.

That is actually not much information he received, but for the sake of his grandpa’s last wishes he will do this and get to that treasure to protect it at all cost, but first he just needs to find the right location of it. Escape players, imagine you are Bobby here and asking help is the last thing you’ll do for really you cannot trust people even though you know them deeply, you need to find it on your own so, will your skills and logic be enough to spot clues in-order to uncover the true location of this said treasure?

Gold Treasure From Cartoon House is a brand new point and click retrieval escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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Walkthrough video for Gold Treasure From Cartoon House

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