Gold Palace Escape Game

Gold Palace Escape

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Assume in this game your son had just celebrated his tenth birthday. He had been beeing a fan of a famous cartoon for years which story took place in a palace and the performers were the residents. One day you were driving into your office when suddenly you glanced a giant billboard next to the road. It promoted an adventure park which was elaborated as the site of the movie. You decided to surprise your son and on saturday monding you took him there. You got separated immediately because you couldn't keep up the pace with him so you agred on meeting in the buffet two hours later. You were roaming amongst the walls of the palace when suddenly you glanced at your watch. It was time to go out and pick up your son. You wanted to leave but when you turned down the latch of the door of the room you realized it was locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzls to get out. Have fun!



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