Gold in Ruins 3 Game

Gold in Ruins 3

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As a certified gold hunter, it is your mission to find the treasures forgotten long ago. After receiving a call from a client, you agreed to meet him in private. At the meeting place, the man introduces himself as a businessman and he hands you a brown envelope. However, realizing the dangerous mission, you start negotiating your during the next couple of minutes and came to an agreement. Furthermore, there's a third party hunting down the gold you're after and just in case they don't play nice, you have freedom to do whatever you have to.

And because you need to be preparing as soon as possible, you gathered all the equipment you need. Soon, you arrived at an abandoned warehouse and looking around, you found smelters in different sizes. It's indeed a sign that melting metals still goes on here but you need to find the jackpot and escape as soon as possible.

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