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Shining, shimmering, splendid. That's the way to describe your house and that's all because of the gold glitters. This makes your home 100x fancier so you put as much as glitter as you can. You think that this one is better than a real gold. However, these glitters invade your eyes. Now, all you can see are shimmering things but that's not a good thing. It irritates your eyes so much. Whenever you try to rub it off, the gold glitter scatters even more. Because of this, you thought of getting out of the house instead. The problem is, you can't open the door. This is such a hassle especially with your eyes hurting.

Since you can't see very well, you need clues that can help you to escape from the room easier and faster. You might get blind in this room if you stay any longer so you have to escape as soon as possible. There are objects which can help you to open the door and you have to collect all of those. Most importantly, you have to use your logic to get away from these glitters. Play Gold Glitte, point n' click room escape game by Ajaz Games. Good luck and have fun!

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