Goat Twins Escape Game

Goat Twins Escape

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Come and check the animal rescue here with us escape players, Goat Twins Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly. Enjoy!

The poachers have really built something pretty big that day, for they made a trap as big as a house and they planned to catch the big goat which was smart and is like a big buck in the wilderness here. The poachers wanted everything from it even its bloodline, as a villager who often sees the goat, Arman doesn't want the animal to fall in their hands and exploit it, but sadly their huge trap worked and the goat is got trapped in there!

Arman is now facing the door of the cage hearing the goat inside struggling to escape, for now the poachers are away and he had watched them going to the forest, this is now the right time to free the goat and by doing so as quickly as possible! This is going to be the most daring rescue Arman will ever do in his life, and for him it's actually the first rescue he had ever done. Escape players, Arman might need some help here, care to join in with him just to rescue the trapped goat? Go ahead then, make haste and good luck!


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