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Go Santa Go 4

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Santa wants to have a breath of fresh air before his long flight all over the world. He finds the front of his house a bit too crowded. And he just wants to be alone with his thoughts for a while. So he walks away from the hustle and bustle of the preparation. He finds himself in a forest. It is a fresh break from all the chaos he has at his house. He walks on the unfamiliar path hoping to find someone familiar. But the path just continues on without anyone passing by him. He looks at the distance and see some houses. His hopes rise as he may see some kids who used to receive his gifts. But his disappointment just rises once more as the houses are deserted. Instead, he just breathes the fresh air from this peaceful and unusual place.

He decides it's time for him to face the chaos and start his journey. He wishes to be back sooner so he can have a final check. Then again, it seems like he's just going in circles and getting back to his house looks impossible. Get out there and help Santa. Play Go Santa Go 4 outdoor escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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