Go Santa Go 2018

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Santa is your guy. Santa didn’t know that you can see him every Christmas Eve. With your telescope, you can see him sneaking into people’s house. You are so happy to see him doing his things. But what you saw caught your attention. Seems like Santa is struggling to escape from one room. Santa is in trouble but there is nothing you can do but to instruct him. You can see from afar so you can look from a bigger perspective. You have to look for items that he can use to unlock the door. However, items are not the the only thing that you can see in the room. You can also see puzzles that he needs to solve. With that, you have to help him to find clues that can help him for the puzzles. You can cheer for Santa as he tries to find his way out.

Santa seems weary. So, you have to use your logic to help Santa to escape as soon as possible. You know that Santa needs to deliver more kids for the kids so you he has to escape quickly. Your cheer can indeed help him out! Go Santa Go 2018 is the newest room escape game from Games 4 Escape. Have fun!