Go Santa Claus Go 2 Game

Go Santa Claus Go 2

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Someone was too generous with the snow. It even trapped Santa. The person in charge of the snow got sick because he forgot to cover up properly. So the headquarters needed to have another person to take care of the job. No proper orientation happened though. And the new in charge would have to find a way to make things work. After a couple of hours, he was finally able to make it snow. However, he was unable to figure how to stop it at once. So the snow just kept on falling. Santa was very busy with the gifts and his route that he wasn't able to notice the piling snow outside. He just noticed that the temperature was dropping quickly. And when he looked at the window, the outside was almost impossible to see. Santa tried to stop the disaster.

However, he wasn't able to reach the door and he just froze. You bundled up quite well. And you were still able to move. You had no idea when you would freeze as well. So you just moved as quickly as you can to solve the challenge you had in front of you. Play Go Santa Claus Go 2 room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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