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Glory 01

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Try your very best on this escape adventure here from places only a few people would go. Glory 01 is a brand new point and click ancient structure escape game released by First Escape Games to add to your escape fun!

There was this ancient castle which still had everything from color, to treasures, and even the mysteries it possesses. Nobody really knows what the place was for and because it was hidden in the mountains for generations, that's why it remains beautiful. As the one who accidentally discovered the place, Juan was absolutely glorified for he had found something quite rare and it could even get him recognized! Those thoughts ran into his mind but little did he know that the place was all about something, and that thing was it doesn't like too much proud and as a result, it trapped Juan inside.

Juan didn't even know the real reason why he got trapped there, all he knows was there were traps and those got triggered resulting in his situation now. Escape players, you know what he needs here and you really have to be humble and contended, will you be able to help Juan to escape by realizing his mistake? May you be able to then and be careful touching more stuff.

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