Glorious Bungalow Escape Game

Glorious Bungalow Escape

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Before you left for your parents' house, you checked your car for any trouble. You even took it to a car service. But the employee assured you that it was perfectly fine. So you confidently drove your way to your parents' house. You even stopped in some stores to buy some things for them. Your mom really liked receiving gifts and you couldn't wait to see her bright smile. You continued on your way when you heard some weird noises from your car. You were doubting it at first. But it just became louder and louder. So you parked your car at the side of the road to check on it. You looked for any possible trouble yet you just couldn't find any. Then a stranger approached you asking about your problem. You explained the situation and he offered to help you. He even suggested a place to stay.

You were very thankful for his help. You slept comfortably on the bungalow. It was like too comfortable to be true. You woke up the next day ready to continue your journey. But as you approached the door, you realized that you need to do more than just turning the knob. Play Glorious Bungalow Escape room escape game by Avm Games.

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