Gloomy Island Escape Game

Gloomy Island Escape

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The island nearby which locals now don't go to now wasn't such a dark place before, it was lush and green there and occasionally the locals hunt in the place and just relax on its white sand beach as well as fish on its immediate vicinity, but it changed very significantly and turned the entire island into a darker place which had now been recognized by the locals as a forbidden area to go. As one of the locals who was born never seeing that time for the mysterious darkness occurred decades ago, Nuit decided to go there just to venture in the place and also to see what his elders is talking about. That is most definitely going against his people and definitely he will get what's coming for him there as he lands on the island.

At first the island was good and Nuit had no idea what his elders are talking about, but then it changed as soon as he lands his feet on the shore! Nuit decided then to turn around and get back in his boat but he saw that it was away from him and the water now is filled with things he can't explain. Nuit is now regretting now that he came, but he can't stop and just let fate take him, he must do something or the island will definitely own him. Escape players, come and try this escape adventure here with Nuit on a forbidden island. Be ready for the rough challenges.

Gloomy Island Escape is a brand new point and click scary wilderness escape game released by Selfdefiant.

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