Glittering House Gold Escape

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The gold house is absolutely glittering in the night, more so in the day though when it reflects all of the sunlight that hits it. Even though the place look ridiculously rich, still there is no assurance that there is actually anything valuable in there, for it is said that those glitters are only paint and mirrors coated with tints of artificial gold. So there is really no gold in there or anything too valuable. Well that’s what everyone knows for in secret knowledge, there is actually real gold there in the form of bars!

One night as the new guard, Tristan never thought his shift there would be different, he is careful though for he now knows that there is indeed some gold there and he must guard them. But then that’s the problem, some men attacked him and locked him inside a room there! Tristan knew what they were after then and he knows he must get to it before they take it, if he makes that then there is a chance he won’t get fired from his job or literally! Escape players, the goal for now is to find the gold which was hidden in the complex for Tristan needs to keep it somewhere safe then. Will you help him by navigating through the golden halls first and slowly so you won’t come face to face with those men again?

Glittering House Gold Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval escape game from WoW Escape.

Walkthrough video for Glittering House Gold Escape


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5 months ago

Seeing the modern level of WoW’s and G2R’s games is like seeing a beloved Oscar-winning actor, now swarming in the trash because of his alcoholism. And most importantly, none of them wants to do anything to change it. All this is sad.