Gleeful Boy Escape Game

Gleeful Boy Escape

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You have finally made it. All your hard work has finally come to fruition. You are working your dream job, have a state-of-the-art sports car, the latest cutting-edge cellphone, but most of all, you are proud of your beautiful wife and son.

Today is the day you move in to a new house with your family. Your son is very excited and rushes in first as soon as you open the front door. You do not mind though because what could ever possibly happen? Then you hear his voice crying for help.

Gleeful Boy Escape is a thrilling and challenging point and click escape game released by 8b Games.

Your troublemaker of a boy has done it yet again, getting himself in all sorts of danger. This time, your son has trapped himself in a closet. Now, it is up to you to point and click your way through the countless and elaborate puzzles of your new house and free your son.

Will you be able to solve the numerous challenges of your new house? Why does this house even have puzzles set up in the first place? You better hurry because who knows what will happen if you and your son do not make it in time for dinner. Good luck!

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