Gladness Turtle Escape

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There is this delicate creature in the village which everybody gives respect and leaves alone. This creature is a turtle and whenever it shows itself to one of the villagers there or anybody even visitors, it would always bring them mysterious joy. That’s why people started to think the animal might be enchanted or something, or might be a spirit? That’s why they give the greatest respect to it whenever they see the animal. That day however, it seems to have gotten itself into some trouble and thankfully someone was there to help it.

The person was a villager and when he was just cleaning around, he saw this creature trapped in some contraption! The person was Butch and he has a ton of respect for the animal, for most times of the week the creature had lighten his mood and as a return for the favor, he will definitely help it now. Escape players, Butch doesn’t want to hurt the animal for something might happen if it does. Will you help him so that the creature can be on its merry way again making people smile?

Gladness Turtle Escape is a new animal rescue escape game developed by Games 4 King.