Giving Tuesday Escape (Games 2 Live)

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As one of the persons who were tasked to collect donations from the neighborhood, Albert was moving quicker than everyone there through the houses of the place. He was faster than anyone and he was unconscious about it, well that’s because he really was the kind of person who moves fast and that comes naturally for him. Because of his quickness, he managed to get himself into this area which was not familiar to him. Albert asked himself then, was this a part of the neighborhood? He doesn’t really know but he better ask someone there so he’ll know.

Albert knocked and he was let in by this guy in the house, he said this area was still part of the neighborhood and he was aware of the donations thing. But after Albert stepped in though, something happened and he was very confused then. The door shut behind him but when he turned back at the person who owns this place, he was nowhere to be found! How? Albert asked. For there was no other way he could have passed except ahead of him? Well unless he made a very quick move out and closed the door from the outside? Maybe he did that. Albert tried the door then so he can get out too, but there it was another problem. Albert found the door locked and he could no longer get out! Albert was very concerned now for not only he doesn’t know what’s happening here, but he also was in fear for his life and he has a really bad feeling about this. Albert needs help here now for at the moment he could no longer think straight because of his confusion. Want to help him then escape players so he can get out and away from this potential trap?

Giving Tuesday Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Games 2 Live.

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