Girlfriend Phoenix Pendant Escape Game

Girlfriend Phoenix Pendant Escape

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The resort is quite a luxurious place, it is perfect for couples and they can be assured a really good time in their overall stay there. One day, this couple came and they definitely showed how they love the place, as well as how the guy loves his girl for he gave her a beautiful phoenix pendant as they were in the resort's restaurant area. As one of the staff, Alvin saw it and boy was it a jewelry. Through the duration of their stay, the couple was happily celebrating and Alvin is definitely quick to respond to his guest as an all important staff code in the establishment. But Alvin just received a call for help from one of the couple though and it's the most different call he had ever received as he works there!

Alvin got the call for help from the woman and she told him that her partner was trapped in their guest house! Alvin asked what happened and it's all about the pendant being missing, and when her partner tried to find it, he also experienced a problem with the door and now he can't get himself out! Something weird is happening there then, but Alvin as a staff must respond to his guests' call for help. Escape players, will you help-out as well and see if you can solve the problem too?

Girlfriend Phoenix Pendant Escape is the newest point and click item retrieval rescue escape game from Big Escape Games.

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