Girl To Thanksgiving Backyard Party Game

Girl To Thanksgiving Backyard Party

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Have fun on this rescue here from a luxurious house. Girl To Thanksgiving Backyard Party is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by WoW Escape. Good luck!

Across the land here, there is a luxurious house and the entire family was called in the place for a thanksgiving party! It's a first, for everyone just takes-care of themselves until one day, the main family decided they'll meet everyone and what's-up with their lives. Terrence was a member of that family, but he just wants to hide in a room in the place while everyone is at the party outside. At one point, there was nobody in the house except him, well that's until he heard someone inside calling for help!

Terrence quickly went out of his room to find-out what was that all about and when he checked, there was his aunt trying to get herself out of the mansion and to the party, for all of the doors were mysteriously hard to open! It's a good thing Terrence was there, now she can help her leave the place so he can then have the entire house to himself. Escape players, there has got to be a secret way out in this huge place, care to join in with Terrence and see if you can find the way out? Have fun then and enjoy thanksgiving!

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