Girl Rescue From Forest Castle

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In a remote village on the outskirts of town, there exists a peculiar village. An infamous witch resides in the village. She curses anyone who does her wrong even if it is the slightest bit. Because of this, all the other village people have learned to leave her alone.

One day, when your fiancee was out gathering some berries from the local forest, she bumped into the infamous witch. Your fiancee apologized profusely not wanting to get cursed. The witch does not want any of it and then curses your fiancee.

Girl Rescue From Forest Castle is a fun and exciting point and click escape game from Games 2 Rule. In this escape game, a witch has cursed your fiancee to be trapped in an old and dilapidated forest castle. It is now your task to go and rescue her.

You must point and click to interact with various puzzles as you look around for clues. Will you be able to overcome the challenges and trials set by the witch? Will you be able to save your fiancee before anything bad happens to her? You gather every ounce of courage you have and then proceed to the rescue her from the forest. Good luck!