Girl Rescue From Boat Game

Girl Rescue From Boat

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You didn't mean to find the girl inside the pirate's boat. You were just looking for the pearl that rolled out of your hand on the docks. This pearl was from one of your adventures on the sea. You were very fond of testing the depths of the seas and also testing your strength. One of the pirates was boasting about the pearls he got from the boat they passed by at sea. You snickered and promised yourself you'd find one at sea. And so you did. As an added challenge, you also dived down yourself. You wanted to be a pirate but ambushing other people's boats were not your cup of tea. This was the first time you stealthily got inside a stranger's boat. And it was all because of your precious pearl. But you didn't know that there was something more precious inside.

The boat seemed quiet which was a good thing. You didn't want to start any unnecessary fight. Then you heard some shuffling. You followed the noise and found a girl gagged. You didn't think twice about rescuing the girl. Your pearl might just show up as you help the girl out. Play Girl Rescue From Boat room escape game by Games 4 Escape.

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