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Girl House Escape

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You're not the girly type of girl. You just actually wear whatever's in your closet. And you can't really identify the difference between female's and male's clothing. You can see your favorite stars wearing whatever they like and they'e still loved for it. So you want to exude their kind of confidence as well. However, being a member of a family who owns the biggest clothing company, you're expected to showcase your brand. You really love the clothes you're making and you even give your ideas to the designers. But you just can't see yourself wearing them on a regular basis. Your mother is blaming the media for the way you choose your clothes. Yet you just shrug off her comments since your dad doesn't really mind. Your brother is secretly supporting you as well. So you feel like you can just go on with your own style.

But your brother and father are to leave for a business trip. Your mom instantly takes the reign and send you to vacant girl house. The house is full of girly things. And you don't think you can stay in this house until your father and brother arrives. So you have to find your own escape. Play Girl House Escape room escape game by Sivi Games.

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