Girl Escape From Halloween Land

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This Halloween land is forbidden to go and venture into, for a whole heap of people have already fallen to this place’s darkness and most of them were nowhere to be found. That’s why Adam is going through the place for he just got a report that a girl is currently missing there. And because Adam was good in searching people and probably the best man to venture this place, he found the girl after a day of trying! But now here comes another difficult thing, and that is to get out of there.

This land is called the Halloween land for not only it is active with paranormal stuff the entire year, it also becomes many times powerful during Halloween itself, which is today and that’s why Adam is very careful with this rescue now, for he is already half-way on this task. Escape players, come help Adam here escape this land together with the girl he just rescued. Will you be able to guide them back safely home?

Girl Escape From Halloween Land is a new point-and-click spooky wilderness rescue escape game developed by Games 2 Rule.

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Walkthrough video for Girl Escape From Halloween Land

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