Giraffe Rescue Game

Giraffe Rescue

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Mark went to this village which had been recommended by a friend for the place he said was accommodating and the ambiance is great. Well, that friend of his was only half right, maybe 1/4th right for the place was indeed serene and beautiful, but the people however are only half accommodating and some of them were even unapproachable. Mark still went with this visit of his but he planned to lessen his stay though for personal reasons. One reason is that he saw a giraffe trapped in a cage!

Mark was frowning on that for the giraffe is still very young, but then it is being kept in a cage it can't even move around into, and so Mark decided to free the animal for he can't stand the sight of it, but he'll only do it in the cover of darkness later that night however. The time finally arrives after a few hours and most of the residents there are already asleep, he needs to do this now and quickly for if he gets caught then this might get him into serious trouble. Escape players, want to help Mark here with his attempt to rescue this poor African animal?

Giraffe Rescue is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by 8b Games and Games 2 Mad.

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