Giant Panda Escape Game

Giant Panda Escape

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The giant panda's enclosure is quite big and has a lot of facilities in it, it even has a room which can help it stay fit and limber up, it's not a perfect habitat but it's just what the creature needs. For years, the giant panda there had lived and thrived, it turned from a little bear to a big and strong one. It eats bamboo everyday and that's what is making it quite the animal now. But one day however, the creature escaped from the enclosure and because you were the caretaker of the animal, you rushed and tried to find it!

In your search, the animal was a bit hard to find but when you finally located it, the creature was actually trapped inside some sort of big stone cage! You were dumbfounded why was a cage so near the enclosure? Maybe this was deliberate and the one who did this anticipated the panda to escape and then capture it! Most likely, but now you have to free your panda so will you be able to do so quickly before they come for their bounty.

Try your best escape players and see to it that the exotic bear will be safe. Giant Panda Escape is a brand new point and click animal rescue escape game released by Games 4 Escape.

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