Giant House Escape Game

Giant House Escape

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Giants always have a not-so-good impression on you. You heard about them in your literature class. Your teacher was so good at telling stories about them that you sometimes doubt if she was really from the present times. She was also very pretty that you could easily imagine her being one of the goddesses. Then you learned more about giants in some movies and books. There was one movie depicting the giants as harmful creatures. They were always on the prowl for their next victim. Then there was another movie where the giant was so gentle. He might be big but he wouldn’t dare hurt an ant even if it was crawling beside his feet. So you started believing in gentle giants. You were actually hoping to meet one of them and ask about why other storytellers were presenting them as vicious creatures.

While on an adventure, you found yourself in a place where giants reside. You couldn’t believe you stumbled on this place. You didn’t have any map or compass, you simply chose a direction and followed it. The giants there seemed to just mind their own business until one noticed you. They began chasing you down as their instinct was to splat every creature smaller than them. Play Giant House Escape room escape game from Avm Games.

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