Ghosts and Mira

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Ghosts and Mira is Japanese point and click game from No1 Game. Imagine this is a game where you are a fictitious character. One day you grandmother invited you to her in order to spend a couple of days together. She also offered she was going to bake you your favourite cake. You couldn’t resist to the delicacy so the next week you were on the train, heading in the direction of your grandmother’s village. When you arrived she picked you up at the station and an hour later you were in her house. It was late by now and she decide to go to sleep. You were not drowsy so you set out to explore her house. In a room you found a mysterious box. Opening it a ghost emerged from inside as the content. You started to run away from it but found the doors in front of you locked. Find hidden objects and solve puzzles to flee away. Have fun!


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Walkthrough video for Ghosts and Mira

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