Ghostly Underground Mail Rail Game

Ghostly Underground Mail Rail

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Before the digging starts, some men are analyzing  if there are possible foreign objects underground that could hinder construction. That's how they found an old mail rail underground. One of them decides to explore it a bit closer since this got his attention. Soon, he discovers that this place is full of spirit activity. He wants to escape from here but something is throwing off his efforts. Finally, one of the spirits took pity on him and told him the secret. In order to escape he needs to unlock the train's control panel but it needs a key. The man is soon turning the place upside-down looking for the key. The last thinhgs he wants is to spend the night in there.

Ghostly Underground Mail Rail is the newest escape game for Escape Fan in which in the city it is about to be constructed a metro line. Good luck and have fun!

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