Ghostbusters Halloween Escape Game

Ghostbusters Halloween Escape

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The decorations in the neighborhood looks like a Halloween doom place for the decors there are very well made, every house has its own decorations but each one is not really simple. Among those decorations however, there is something weird that's going-on up until the current time. For when Halloween was commencing throughout last-night, there seems to be some weird entities taunting people and they really thought it were all just those pranksters pulling a prank on everybody, but it wasn't after ton of witnesses saw those entities ran through a solid wall!

People have become very scared there and those strange things are still active even when the sun was up. That's why they called the ghostbusters for this seems to be a job for them. Throughout the day, a few of the ghostbusters team tried to find those entities who are causing mayhem in the area, but there seems to be no sign of them now until, one of them experienced something weird. Escape players, that member of the ghostbusters was you and now you are experiencing some sort of illusion in the place and you are lost! The path you take is just going in circles and it's all the same neighborhood over and over again. You have to escape from this loop now, will you be able to and get back to base-camp?

Ghostbusters Halloween Escape is another new point and click scary neighborhood escape game made by Fun Escape Games.

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