Ghost Warrior Escape

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The ghost warrior definitely looks scary, for his image is who seems to be the harbinger of the death! But actually, he comes to help people who are in need as well as help animals in the forest where he lives if they are ever in trouble especially from poachers. As a person who sees this guy sometimes for he also lives in the same wilderness, John absolutely owes him a debt for he had saved his life once, and he understands now that his looks is just to intimidate. That day though as John was in the wilderness for firewood, he found-out about something and he never thought he’d see the day!

John saw a mound of rock and it was strange, so he took a good look at it and when he came to one side, he saw a grilled door and inside it was the ghost warrior! John thought at first that this was his home, but no for he is clearly trapped in there and whoever did this might be one of the people he stopped before. Of course John will rescue him, for each and every moment he is not out of there are moments that the place is not safe. Escape players, come and help John here free the ghost warrior from where he is trapped and quickly too, for time here could be of the essence.

Ghost Warrior Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game released by Games 2 Jolly.

Walkthrough video for Ghost Warrior Escape


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