Ghost Town Hospital Escape Game

Ghost Town Hospital Escape

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You were on an adventure trip in the countryside when you fell off your skateboard. You thought that it was just a minor accident but when you looked at your arm, you felt weak because you saw your dislocated arm covered in blood. It was very gruesome to see so you rushed yourself to a hospital. However, there are not many hospitals in town. There's just one hospital and it doesn't look legit. But what do you expect in a ghost town? You don't want to get in but you don't have a choice. You went inside to ask for assistance but there are no people around. Looks like it was an abandoned hospital. You really need to look for medical assistance so you walked to the exit. But luck is not on your side because the doors are lock.

Find a quick way to escape from the Ghost Town Hospital. Collect items that you can use as an escape tool. There are also clues that can help you to escape.  Explore the abandoned hospital to complete this room escape game. Ghost Town Hospital Escape is a best escape game by Ainars and Zeb for Escape Fan. Good luck and have fun!

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