Ghost Town Escape 6 Game

Ghost Town Escape 6

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Your love for mystery and detective stories got the best of you. You were inside the library when you saw a suspicious figure. You would've let him go if your were busy. However, you had nothing to do for the whole afternoon and you found it boring to just stay in one place and do nothing. So you keep your attention to the person without being too obvious. Just like some of the characters in the stories you read, you used the books to pretend you were busy with. But in fact, you were busy checking out the person. He was going through the shelves like he was looking for something. You followed suit pretending to be looking for something as well without being too close to him. It seemed like he was looking for a specific book but it was not in its shelf.

So he moved to the tables until he reached yours. You immediately returned to your table to stack the books neatly and get a closer look at him. But he immediately took one of the books you had on your table and went to a part of the library with the least people. You followed him immediately and saw him slowly vanishing. You tried to held on to him but you vanished with him. It seemed like you just blinked and found yourself in a different place. It was a ghost town and you knew you couldn't stay long here. Play Ghost Town Escape 6 room escape game by Ainars.


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  1. Date: February 9, 2018
    Author: Rpmkbob
    How do the arrows work with the ball? [Reply]
  2. Date: February 9, 2018
    Author: Rpmkbob
    Where are the comments? [Reply]

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