Ghost Town Escape 5 Game

Ghost Town Escape 5

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You got tired of all the drama in the television and even in your life. Things are just not in their proper places right now. And instead of worrying about such stuffs, you wanted to do something that'll take your mind off of them. You tried to read a book. However, you can't concentrate on it when people were always calling you for something. So you looked for a place where you can be alone. It doesn't have to be very far. It just had to be somewhere not many people knew about. And although you wanted to ask the internet, you preferred not to. So you packed yourself some snacks and the book you're trying to read. You wanted to go wherever your feet led you. You stopped at the woods. Not many people went in this area because of the stories of ghosts haunting the place.

In your mind, it's better to be with the ghost than with the living right now. You found an abandoned structure. You looked around and it's good enough to shelter you from the rain if ever it came. However, you felt something heavy on your neck. It's like something was hanging on it. You touched your neck but nothing's there. Then the door slammed shut and you heard some coins falling on the floor. You ran for the door but it won't budge. This gave you the idea to find the coins first. Play Ghost Town Escape 5 the best escape game for room escape games by Ainars.


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