Ghost Town Escape 4 Game

Ghost Town Escape 4

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This town is full of mysteries and you are here to solve all of those. The people abandoned this town because of the ghosts. These ghosts don't give them peace especially at night. No one bothers to stay in here except you. You want to know the story behind this mystery but looks like these ghosts are not open for investigation. They don't like your presence and they feel like you are bothering their silence. They are not happy that you are here and they really want you to feel it. So they took you and put you in a room where you can't get out. But what they didn't know is that you are trained for this kind of situation. You can't fight these ghosts but you can always find a way to escape from this town.

Go around the room and collect items that you can use to escape. There are also clues that might help you to solve this whole mystery. Your logic is important for you to complete the Ghost Town Escape 4 room escape game. You will surely enjoy this best escape game from Ainars and Zeb for Escape Fan! Explore the place and find 45 mysterious coins to escape. Best of luck!


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