Ghost Town Escape 2 Game

Ghost Town Escape 2

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You've always wondered how it feels like to be back in time. Will you feel like your insides are shrinking then growing again as you pass through time? You're fund of watching sci-fi flicks and other magical movies. There they also tackle about the possibility of going back in time. It gives you the notion that the past is continuing to take place in a different dimension the reason that people can revisit it. All these thoughts are swimming in your head when you see something sparkling inside your closet. You're thinking you might have forgotten something inside so you open it. Suddenly you are being sucked in a spinning white light. You try to hold on to your clothes but it is too strong that you let go. Your insides are like spinning and twisting as you move through the light. Then everything turns dark then bright.

You open your eyes to see an abandoned place. You look at your hand and see a mission card. But as you are reading it, you hear floating voices somewhere behind you. You look back but no one else is around. You're all alone in this ghost town. Play Ghost Town Escape 2, one of the best room escape games by Ainars.

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