Genie World Escape

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It’s such a boring day so you went upstairs and tried to find something interesting. You opened the wooden box and you found a magical lamp. That was the first time that you saw that lamp. You rubbed it because it is dusty but to your surprise, a genie went out of the lamp! You thought that genies are not real but there is one in front of you. He said that he will grant three wishes. The first thing that you wished for is money. Then the second is a car and the last one is love. However, there is one thing in exchange for these wishes. You have to replace him. The lamp sucked you up and you found yourself inside the Genie World. The rule is this, there must be someone to rub the lamp before you can escape from the genie world.

It was 50 years ago since somebody rubbed the lamp. You can’t wait for that long so you must find a way to escape from Genie World. Find clues that can help you to escape from the lamp. Play Genie World Escape and use your logic to solve this puzzle. This exciting outdoor escape game is from WoW Escape. Good luck!