Gardener Rescue Game

Gardener Rescue

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Try the rescue here in the beautiful garden. Gardener Rescue is the newest point and click escape game created by Genie Fun Games for another fun rescue attempt. Best of luck!

The house even though it's like a small cottage in the middle of lush vegetation, it was still very beautiful thanks to the added colors the garden can give, it's all because of the sets of gardeners there which had been hired by the owner to make the place diverse of plant life and so exotic birds can visit the area as well.

Nate was the afternoon gardener after the female one who takes care of the orchids in the front, it was his time already for the day had already gone passed middle, but he was mystified why the female gardener whom he never met yet is still in the place, what was she even doing here? But thereafter, he realized that she was actually in-trouble and couldn't get herself out of the house! The female gardener got trapped inside the house in the middle of the garden and there Nate's questions were answered, but his questions about why she was even trapped wasn't filled yet however. Escape players, care to try the rescue adventure here with Nate as he attempts to rescue one of his fellow gardeners from being trapped? Go ahead then and have fun!

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