Game Cafe Escape

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Johann’s place is spaciously made to fit as to what its purpose is. The place is a game cafe restaurant, each room there for the customers who wish to try the place, can play games while they order food there. This is a great business venture for Johann and it is, for his first week of operating is really picking-up for him. But as he was getting ready to accept customers for the day however, something occurred and it’s now a problem for Johann!

Johann is now trapped inside his shop for the door would not mysteriously open! Johann have no idea what’s happening, but this is very concerning for him for this is his livelihood and passion and he doesn’t want anything happening to it. Johann needs to solve this now before this becomes an even more serious problem. Escape players, would you like to help Johann with this?

Game Cafe Escape is a point-and-click room escape game developed by Masa’s Games. This time, you need to solve puzzles and get away from a superbly designed cafe.

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Walkthrough video for Game Cafe Escape

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2 months ago

Great Game. It’s the type of game that brings someting new to the tabe.

1 month ago

100/100 WOW!

1 month ago

An oldie, but still a wonderful game