Fuzzy Parrot Garden Escape Game

Fuzzy Parrot Garden Escape

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Brad works as a gardener at the Duke's castle and it is wide in there that's why a ton of gardeners are operating in the place by shifting through every week. Among Brad's work aside from gardening, he also waters some of the animals out in the back and because the duke loves birds, he has a lot which Brad helps feed. That day as he was helping the Duke with such a task, one of the fuzzy parrots escaped and it flew directly to the wide garden! Brad immediately broke-out a sigh for he knows he is going to need to find and rescue it for those species are rare and they are all trying to save its kind, of course he doesn't want to disappoint the Duke so he went with him as he tries to find it.

It's definitely not going to be easy, for not to mention that the animal is a bird that can fly, the garden is wide and once he even got lost in there! Brad needs to be agile on this even though he knows that he is not, but for the Duke and the bird he'll just have to do it. Escape players, come and play as Brad here and try your best to get the escapee bird back.

Fuzzy Parrot Garden Escape is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Rule.

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