Fuzzy Bat Cave Escape

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You knew the fuzzy bats weren’t really out there to get you. However, you were already panicking especially you were in a closed space. The morning started out normally. You were walking peacefully towards your office. You even stopped for some hot chocolate on a nearby café. Their hot chocolate gives you positive energy before facing what lies on your office table. Usually, you would only meet your colleagues upon reaching your building floor. But it seemed like they were particularly waiting for someone. They waited by the lobby and greeted you when they saw you coming. You greeted them back and was about to get on the elevator when they stopped you. It had never happened before but you got the feeling it may not be something you’d really like. Yet there was no escaping them. So you walked towards their direction.

They asked you to take a seat and you immediately know it might take a while. At the end, they needed you to do some research inside a cave. You didn’t like caves much since some of them could take a lot of physical strength to enter and get out add to this the bats inside. But there was no saying no to your company. Play Fuzzy Bat Cave Escape outdoor escape game created by Games 2 Rule.