Futuristic Home Escape Game

Futuristic Home Escape

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Norman finally has what he had been aiming for since he was a kid, and that is a modern and luxurious house which was also trendy and big! It's a far cry when he was a kid, but guess he really meant his dreams to come true. Norman experienced nothing but good and convenience in his place, that's why he wanted to pay it forward the convenience he is experiencing to the less fortunate. That's why that day he will give help to the people with no homes and he was ready to leave, but it seems that his house doesn't want him to, for he just discovered that his doors would not mysteriously open!

Norman tried hard to open the other doors in his house as well but unfortunately, none would budge. What in the world is going-on there anyways? He pondered, Norman was really trying hard to find some answers but he couldn't unfortunately, so there is no other way now but to escape if answers cannot be found. Escape players, Norman is going to need some help here for he had tried a lot of things already and he still couldn't escape, and also he is getting late in giving help for there is a program actually that he needs to get to. Will you help him out to escape his own house at least?

Futuristic Home Escape is a brand new point and click indoor escape game from Fun Escape Games.

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