Furry Dog Rescue Game

Furry Dog Rescue

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All day, Thomas had been looking for his dog who got taken-away by that menacing boy who lives a town over and they the townsfolk know very well what's that kid's game. That kid likes to harass animals and in his list that he terrorizes more are dogs and cats, now that day Thomas' dog just got victimized and who knows here is the animal now and the kid. It's really time to contact his parents if he ever had one and really report them to the authorities for he is causing trouble to him now and the people. As Thomas continued wherever his legs are taking him so he can find his dog, he heard him bark and that's definitely a sound of relief to him!

Thomas followed the sound until it led him to a small cabin in the forest which looks abandoned, inside it was his dog! It's trapped in there and at the moment there seems to be no signs of the kid anywhere, he will be dealt with soon but for now what's important here is to get the dog out and back home. Thomas is definitely going to teach him not to be too trusting with strangers, escape players will you help out on the rescue here for Thomas' dog and quickly too?

Furry Dog Rescue is the newest point and click animal rescue escape game created by Games 2 Jolly.

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