Funny Sophia Escape Game

Funny Sophia Escape

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Elle's friend is the funny one between them and in fact, she is really quite funny definitely. In fact she is famous in their area and some of the kids there even call her funny Sophia. Sophia is definitely smart with her responses, Elle is lucky to have her as a friend for not only she is witty, she gives good advises to situations which sometimes feels like a dead-end for her. That day, she is going to need a little help for in her presentation that day, she needs to be a bit witty for the panel is tough and she thought she might get them in their soft side so they can go easy on her. Little did she know though her friend is going to need more help than her and Sophia is lucky Elle came.

Elle found her friend as she arrives at her house trapped inside a room and she is screaming for help! She is making a lot of noise ramming the door and guess that is only doing more harm than good especially to her physically. Okay, Elle is now here and she is going to help. Escape players, Elle is going to need a little help here too for her friend Sophia isn't really winning with the problem here and she feels scared, will your skills and logic be enough to help on this so that Sophia can be freed?

Funny Sophia Escape is another new point and click indoor rescue escape game made by 8b Games.


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