Funny Pumpkin Escape Game

Funny Pumpkin Escape

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Upon the passing of Julio's grandfather, he had given him a task right before he left, and that is at first a very unbelievable task for he was to go deep in the forest and meet an out of this world being there! Well not really but for him it is, for that being is a pumpkin that can talk! That is definitely not typical, but it's his grandpa's last wish so he will honor it. More from it was told to Julio though, that pumpkin has something for him and when it sees Julio then it will know it is the descendant of his friend who was Julio's grandfather. He must find him and then that is where Julio's adventure begins. As he goes deeper though, the place become very unwelcoming, was this the right way? It doesn't seem so but actually, it is and when he finally saw the pumpkin he realized that it wasn't in a good situation at the moment.

The pumpkin was trapped in his house or something and he needs help now! It's a good thing Julio came and the pumpkin then knew what the person's destiny was, oh he'll tell him but first Julio needs to get him out of there. Escape players, come and join Julio here as he tries to help the trapped pumpkin who was suppose to give him something.

Funny Pumpkin Escape is a brand new point and click rescue escape game from Games 2 Jolly.

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