Funny Baby Dinosaur Escape

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It is a long story how Butch got this friend of his which was a young blue long-neck type dinosaur, but to make the story short he acquired this thing accidentally and kind of illegally. They live peacefully though in this area in the forest, but despite of that things still happen and for the day, Butch cannot free his dino friend from its enclosure.

The two was suppose to venture into the land, but Butch cannot find the key to the enclosure and well he can’t free him without it. Escape players, Butch needs help here now for this is taking them some daylight. Will you assist in finding this key so that the duo can go?

Funny Baby Dinosaur Escape is the newest point-and-click prehistoric animal escape game from Fastrack Games.

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Walkthrough video for Funny Baby Dinosaur Escape

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